Mother Nature makes an overture

Nature and technology coincided in a dramatic multimedia event as I drove home this evening. Classic FM was playing the William Tell Overture – not the famous bit at the end portrayed variously by the Lone RangerMike Oldfield and Kenneth Williams but the whole four-part movement, of which the second represents a storm whipping up over Lac Leman: first a few raindrops and then a sudden escalation into nature’s fury, beautifully conveyed through the orchestral medium.
And just as the storm hit Geneva on the airwaves, so it hit Harwell in real life: the dark clouds over Didcot were suddenly much closer, the wind was whipping the leaves off the trees in a cloud you could barely see through, and then came the rain, so strong I had to slow down.
Classic FM’s marketing department has a surprisingly strong reach. I will look around cautiously the next time they play the theme from Jurassic Park.
Here’s the bit I mean.
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