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My email address is my name as per the title of this website, all one word, followed by at and gmail and com with a dot in the middle.

I am confident that readers who are genuinely interested in making contact are intelligent enough to decode this subtle clue.

There used to be a contact form here, designed to stop spammers. Unfortunately all that does is encourage the latest evolution of cybervermin, formblasters.

Fans, readers and other lovely people: check the FAQ¬†first, because if the answer is already there then I may be less kind than I ought. Don’t be afraid to ask a question that hasn’t already been answered. And don’t push your luck like this guy (probably a young American since he refers to The Ark):

“I have been given time to read your book, the Ark, however, have run out of time. A full summary would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help.”

My answer:

“This sounds suspiciously like an assignment … so I wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours by doing your work for you. Unless you want a career in Management, but that’s another matter.

You’ll get a rough clue as to what happens in The Ark by checking the Epilog, right at the end. Apart from that, some people die, most people live and it ends happily for almost everyone. Along the way there’s a look at the differences between liberty and slavery, and freedom of will versus pre-destination, and also a fairly cool space battle (though I say it myself) with nuclear weapons, and a bit of alien sex. So, something for everyone.”

Who says the art of research is dead? I’d be interested to see his report.