Jeapes Japes

I’ve sold 18 short stories in total, listed below. Read (most of) them, and all about them, in Jeapes Japes, available as an ebook from Wizard’s Tower (all formats) or in paperback.

(The collection does not include the two Decalog stories (which were Doctor Who tales, hence BBC copyright, not mine) but does have one story previously unpublished anywhere else. Go on, you know you want to. )


“Overall, this is a volume packed with clever stories from an intelligent writer. Jeapes shows the necessity of being able to twist the straight-forward into unexpected directions in order to make a pleasant story into something thought provoking.”
– SF Crowsnest [full review]

“Jeapes Japes feels like an impressive patchwork of different ideas, each rich with bubbling creativity and often sharp humour.”
– The Future Fire [full review]

Some posts

The contents:

  • Digital cats come out tonight, in Digital Dreams, edited by David Barrett, NEL, 1990. ISBN 0-450-53150-3.
  • Memoirs of a publisher, Interzone 43 (January 1991): 14th in readers’ poll.
  • Crush, Interzone 68 (February 1993): 3rd= in readers’ poll.
  • Getting rid of Teddy, Interzone 76 (October 1993): 8th= in readers’ poll.
  • The Data Class, Interzone 80 (February 1994): 9th in readers’ poll. This has been my best selling story to date: read and enjoy!
  • Giantkiller, Interzone 89 (November 1994): 12th in readers’ poll.
  • The Robson Strain, Interzone 97 (July 1995): 8th= in readers’ poll.
  • Spoilsport, Substance no. 1 (Winter 1994).
  • Timevault, DECALOG 3: Consequences, Virgin Publishing, 1996. ISBN 0-426-20478-6.
  • Cathedral No. 3, Interzone 113 (November 1996): 46th= in readers’ poll, but what do they know?
  • The Grey People, Substance no. 4 (Winter 1996).
  • Wing├Ęd Chariot, Interzone 118 (April 1997): 27= in readers’ poll.
  • Heritage, DECALOG 4: Re: Generations, Virgin Publishing, 1997. ISBN 0-426-20505-7.
  • Pages out of order, Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 1997.
  • The Fireworker, Altair, issue 1.
  • Trial by Alien, Odyssey, issue 3.
  • Correspondents, Aboriginal SF, Summer 1998. The story that inspired my novel Time’s Chariot. Read and enjoy!
  • Go with the Flow, Interzone 142 (April 1999).