H.M.S. Barabbas


“A well-written, fast-paced, and satisfying historical adventure.” – Kirkus Reviews [Full review]


“As a continuation of a classic tale, this upholds the spirit of Treasure Island while adding a new chapter to Jim Hawkins’ adventures.” – The Booklife Prize [Full review]


“From first page to last, the further adventures of Jim Hawkins ensnare you and, like Jim, escaping proves far more difficult than either of you imagine. Little is what it seems – and just when you think all is right with the world and the end is in sight, another unexpected twist leads you deeper into the bowels of the ship with Jim. H.M.S. Barabbas is a rousing escapade rife with betrayal, treachery, and smugness.” – Pirates and Privateers: The History of Maritime Piracy [Full review]


“Oxen and wain-ropes would not bring me back again to that accursed island” – Jim Hawkins, Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins vowed he would never return to Treasure Island. And he never did.

Instead of the treasure and adventure that Jim had dreamt of, he witnessed murder and betrayal, and learnt the hard way that sometimes good men must deal with the devil. He also returned with one small lie on his conscience that has shaped his life ever since.

Four years later, determined to put his wealth to good use and old enough to make his own way in the world, Jim wants to travel to London and study medicine, following in the footsteps of his mentor Dr Livesey.

But fate and the press gang have other ideas. His reputation goes before him, thanks to the bragging memoir he wrote of the Treasure Island expedition. Jim’s past catches up with him, along with friends and enemies that he never knew he had, on board the most mysterious and terrible of all His Majesty’s ships of war: H.M.S. Barabbas.

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