First Names: Ada Lovelace

Published on 3rd October 2019: order from Amazon now!

The biography of a truly amazing woman: the world’s first computer programmer, despite the disadvantage of having lived in an age with no electricity and indeed no computers. Or so you would think.

Other names in the First Names series include EMMELINE, ELON, HARRY and AMELIA. See if you can guess who they are – though Elon might be a little obvious.

I’ll add more details as they become available. In the meantime, here’s the contents:

Introduction – Ada Abducted
1 – Ada’s Awful Ancestors
2 – Educating Ada
3 – Ada and the Machine
4 – Ada On A Mission
5 – Analytical Ada
6 – Ada Makes Some Notes
7 – Agent Ada
8 – Ada and the Horses
9 – Ada’s Ailments
10 – Ada’s Last Laugh

More to follow …