About Ben Jeapes

Well, maybe the photo isn’t that representative nowadays. So you’ll just have to take my word…

A brief biography is available, as is a prehistory of the Jeapes family as far as he knows it. Alternatively, admire the cutey he once was. If you really have the time and inclination, there’s a link to his blog at the top of this page. Otherwise …

  • Nationality: British
  • Age: 21 + VAT
  • Height: 6’5″
  • Hair: variously described as brown, light brown, blond, dishwater blond (whatever that means)
  • Clean shaven
  • Eyes: Brown, Glasses
  • Married

I once met someone at a Con who pictured me as short, dark haired and bearded. Don’t ask me why, except that perhaps it’s because you get a lot of short, dark(ish/greying) haired and bearded people at Cons. You tend to meet their bellies before anything else.


Educated at: Hampton Dene Primary School, Hereford; Little Chalfont Primary School; Lorraine Primary School, Camberley; Dumpton Prep School (I know, I know …); Sherborne School; Warwick University.

I’m the one in the blue coat.

Lives/has lived in: Far too many places.

Works/has worked for: A total of seven companies so far, three of which no longer exist. Ben has broken three of his former employers.

Favourite depressives: Eeyore, Marvin, Puddleglum.

Tattoos: Secret brotherhood initiation sigil below my right shoulder blade. Probably shouldn’t have told you that.

Dislikes: Pettiness; corporatism masking incompetence; hype; letting dogma or convenience dictate the facts; queues; incompetence; being let down; rudeness; London; people who say what they need to say more than once; cheapskates; sales people who call me by my first name; reality TV and all such celebrations of mediocrity in the name of entertainment … I could go on.