Steady, aim …

Yesterday I watched a skilled, trained, experienced NHS professional fail to extract blood from Bonusbarn by the simple expedient of sticking a needle into him. I’m not doing her down: I know it’s a matter of finding the vein, and if the vein isn’t prominent then success isn’t guaranteed. She tried again and this time got the required few drops into the vacuum container thingy.

But, bearing in mind that the distances involve can be measured usefully in millimetres, somehow it makes sinking a shaft you could easily step across half a mile through rock into a gallery only a few metres wide all the more remarkable.

Of course, veins aren’t generally positioned by GPS.

Anyway, here’s the last man leaving the mine. Wow. Towards the end it looks like they’re playing with him. We’re bringing you up! No we’re not. Yes we are! No we’re not. Tee hee.