Occasional recipes: roast sea bass & vegetable traybake

This was a Mary Poppins recipe, practically perfect in every way. Minimal energy or supervision required from the chef; the most arduous part is slicing the potatoes thin enough and minding your fingers while you do it to avoid adding extra animal iron-rich protein to the mix. I could get them safely down to about 3mm, which roasted perfectly in the time allowed, giving each slice a nicely tender and tasty whatever-you-call-the-bit-inside-the-skin and a thin, crunchy layer of skin itself.

The recipe: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/roast-sea-bass-vegetable-traybake

We did however add a handful of asparagus spears at the stage where you also add the fish. I only noticed afterwards that it also says half the olives – but you know what? Stuff that. I’d already sliced the potatoes, so what more did they want?

And the timing for the last stage – “a further 7-8 mins” – might be a bit optimistic. We could comfortably give it >10mins to allow time for a proper savouring of the pre-prandial G&T and it turned out fine.