Occasional recipes: chickpea and chorizo casserole

From The Times Saturday magazine. I feel like a cheat calling this a casserole, because in my old-school understanding a casserole meal is a meal cooked in a casserole dish in an oven, not in a wok on a hob. But I guess you could cook it in an oven if you so so desired and either way, hey, it works.

Some alteration was required to bring this meal for 4 down to 2, but not always reducing by 50%. I mean, 200g chorizo for 4 people? What are they, vegetarians? Homeopaths? Nah, we stuck with a Tesco Finest Spanish Chorizo Ring at 225g and didn’t feel remotely full. We also stuck with the half cabbage and again that was just the right quantity. Everything else we did indeed cut by 50%.

And we saw no point in adding another meaty flavour to a deliciously meaty recipe by using chicken stock. Vegetable stick is far more delicate and in no way overpowers the lovely chorizo.