30 day photo challenge – day 1

Here’s the rules:

And so here’s the picture for Dee Wurn, me (last summer in Gothenburg) with ten facts (presumably about myself).

  1. According to Chinese astrology I am a snake dominated by wood. I don’t believe a word of it, which is typical of us Aquarians.
  2. I’m a Belfast child, though you might have difficulty believing this if we ever met.
  3. Of my father’s three best mates in his early army days, two were selected as my godfathers and the third became a multi-millionaire. Nice call, Dad.
  4. My first school was Hampton Dene primary school, Hereford.
  5. My first professional sale was “Digital Cats Come Out Tonight”, to the anthology Digital Dreams, ed. David V. Barrett, 1991.
  6. 1 September this year will be my decimal birthday – 17,000 days!
  7. My grandfather fought at Kohima, of which fact I am dead proud.
  8. If there can be too much chocolate in my life, I have yet to reach that stage.
  9. I have never met the Queen, the Pope or the President of the USA. I have however shaken hands with Richard Dawkins and have a dedicated copy of Tom Baker’s autobiography.
  10. I am a Christian.