Easier than dust and daemons

Philip Pullman is writing a book about Jesus, says the Oxford Mail, exploring the novel concept that Jesus may not have been the Son of God. Oh, yawn.

Granted, this is news to the bookselling trade but in terms of significant theological events it’s not even static on the radar screen. As a mild mannered cleric points out towards the end of the article, it’s not like he’s the first, is it? It’s so depressing to think that a whole new generation who missed out on Dan Brown – okay, that bit’s not depressing; good on them, I say – are going to be jumping on the rehash of a 2000 year old argument as if it’s all brand new and one in the eye for established religion.

“It is understood Mr Pullman also puts forward the possibility that Jesus being the son of God was an invention of St Paul. “

It’s like Karen Armstrong was never born.

Nor am I encouraged by:

“For every man or woman who has been led to goodness by a church, and I know there have been many, there has been another who has been inspired by the same church to a rancid and fanatical bigotry for which the only fitting word is ‘evil’.”

So, Christianity has produced a precise 50/50 split of good and evil, hey? Based on the evidence of Christ Church on Long Furlong, this means there must somewhere be a church that verges on the Satanic. Hmm, I’ve never felt entirely easy walking past St Michael’s …

I jest. I do however hope his views within the book are more moderately, less Dawkinsishly expressed.

One thing I do learn from the article is that Catholics apparently get Auxiliary Bishops, presumably in case the main one fails.