Who, me?

“I am pleased to inform you that today, March 4, 2008 Emerald Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals has selected you as potential candidate into our organization to represent Didcot, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Your professional experience with Great Big Network Ltd as Technical Editor has been recognized and has qualified you to possibly be included. Emerald Who’s Who is the authority for professional networking and recognition in virtually every industry across the globe.”

My colleague N asks why I get emails like this when he just gets spammed by Vistaprint. I tell him a man is known by the company he keeps. I’m awed that my experience has been recognised by such an august body, even if they plainly assume my five years of service have also stripped me of all critical discernment. Thankfully, I still retain the ability to recognise at least three grammatical errors in the above – and also to spot that they spell the name of Great Big Network Ltd wrong.

Let’s not go anywhere near the idea that I might want to represent Didcot. At anything.

But let’s not be sourpusses either. There is no charge for inclusion and they kindly send me the link by which I can enter my own details. So, to be selected into Emerald Who’s Who to represent wherever you live, just go to¬†http://www.ewwep.com/signup.asp?ID=SXEUR.80.120.030409