Cattle 1, Bloated Plutocrats 0

We’ve all seen those trains, haven’t we, where personal space in second class, or whatever we call it nowadays , is so minimal that you’re exchanging particles at a quantum level with your neighbour and the first class contains endless vistas of empty seats stretching all the way to your destination?

So how satisfying was it to hear the following announcement on today’s 18.00 from Paddington to Didcot, paraphrased from memory:

“First Great Western is very sorry to inform passengers in the first class carriages that we will be unable to provide a tea service until after Reading. This is because there are so many passengers standing in the lump-it carriages that we are unable to get the trolley through to you while the train is in motion. If you are in need of refreshment and can’t wait, please come to the buffet car.”

Brothers and sisters, it starts here.