I look around at my co-workers on a Friday afternoon …

Everyone seems so normal. We are mostly white and middle class. I would guess that the huge majority have a university education. No one here has ever really known deprivation or the breakdown of society. I’m sure we were all spanked by our mothers from time to time when we were naughty.

And yet, the forensic evidence suggests there is a male in this company who pees into the toilet bowl without putting the seat up. It’s the kind of thing you could write a thesis on.

Have a good weekend.

Musical movements

A colleague at works likes to sing on the toilet. I discovered this fact today. I didn’t recognise the voice or the song, but singing it was.

It wasn’t the guy who likes to make mobile phone calls from the same place. His accent is distinctive and Scottish. I’d have recognised him. Today’s singer was more generically middle England and there’s a lot of us about.

I thought of sending back a few bars of the first song that came to mind, but didn’t, (a) because he might regard it as a challenge and (b) because the first song to come to mind was John Rutter’s The Angel’s Carol, and it would be ironic if he ended up thinking I’m the weird one. There could be a blog out there saying something like “guess what, I work with a guy who likes to sing carols in the toilet …”