Way to stand for your principles, Ben …

So, I thought I’d send an email round to far too many contacts asking for sponsorship for our team in the forthcoming Dragon Boat racing. And because I value online privacy, naturally I put all the addresses in the BCC field.

When my own test copy for the first batch of mailing arrived, I thought, “oh, that’s odd. As the sender, I can see all the addresses in the BCC field … in the B- … uh … in the …”

Biscuits. I of course put them all in the CC field. Apologies to all involved. Anyone I mailed in the second batch, where I got it right, may feel smug.

But should anyone not contacted be feeling generous … 1/3 of money to Abingdon Vesper Rotary, 2/3 to Cancer Research, handy sponsorship URL athttp://www.justgiving.com/TessDragonBoat09.