Social Studies

The least glamorous of the College’s divisions, probably because very little transference is involved. All the timeline bar the alpha line have been infiltrated by the College, and by the time they reach their equivalent of the twenty sixth century they are being run by Social Studies so that they can be spliced into the alpha line with as little disruption as possible.
But Social Studies also has a more pressing task. In 27 years time the Home Time will be no more: what will they do, when:

“…the World Executive realises it has 20 billion people to keep happy and nothing to do it with. Oh, we’ll keep cruising on momentum for a century or so, living off the memories which the College gave us …”

Social Studies is responsible for using data from the past to plan the ideal, post Home Time society of the future. Whether it will work or not, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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