The One Tongue: Advanced Language Tutorial

Well, not that advanced. Here are some further rules to help grease the conversational wheels.

To stop you flicking back and forth between pages, here’s the transformation table again.

Original a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ch sh th
Replace with e kh d f o kh h kh e kh kh m n p o kh r s t v e kh kh y z b kh kh t
  • Sometimes you don’t bother transforming a word — you just use one that sounds good. Thus, forzh or Domon’el. The author reserves the exclusive right to make up new One Tongue words.
  • Imperative resorts to the infinitive. “To give” is feppos. “Give!” is feppos!
  • Nouns are pluralised by the addition of “ev”. Thus, “my cats” are nop khovev.


  • My: nop
  • Your(s): vop
  • His: top
  • Hers: te
  • Ours: povse
  • Your(s): khovs
  • Their(s): moest
  • Of and of the: fo

Some other words and phrases that appear in New World Order:

  • You’re not my man = Ve’ovso-ko nop khon
  • I have a son = Eo khemt
  • They’ve come = Molv’esokho
  • That is interesting = de’ovso epvoset
  • Gate of the gods = Okh’Shenev
  • Our gate = Povse’okh
  • Shoot this idiot = Ve’khetem efeov
  • You are up = Ve’khev
  • I know you = Dopevs’ve
  • He’ll kill you = Om’veo
  • Breakfast = Khovev’fokhopos

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