The Rustie Invitation

This is the full text of the invitation issued by the Rusties to the nations of Earth and its solar system in 2148.

All heads of state in Sol system
All parties in Sol system with spacefaring capacity
All press agencies in Sol system

Senior of the First Breed Earth Mission
First Breed residence, Manhattan


Manhattan, 23 August 2148:
Following communication with the home world of the First Breed, I am authorised to announce the following.

We have been made welcome as guests in your solar system for over a year and have closely observed your ways and your history. We have concluded that our histories are very similar; your world’s development has paralleled our own, and of all the species that we have discovered, you are the closest to us in technological development. On our world, too, natural resources have been plundered; our world’s environment has been dealt a grievous blow; we have known the pain of the extinction of species. We too, within the last ten decades, have finally begun to make good the harm done by those who came before us. With sympathy and amusement, we have observed your efforts to hide from us your warlike past and the damage that you have done to your own world. Had you made contact with us first, we would doubtless have made the same efforts.

There is no need for two such similar races to continue their development separately; indeed, we are convinced that if we try it will only result in future conflict as our interests will inevitably clash.

Therefore, we extend to the human race this invitation.

We have a world which we would like to share with you: the second planet of a star that is not visible from Earth but which lies in the direction of the southern constellation of Pavo. The world (Appendix 1) is very similar to Earth. It is over 1000 lightyears away but we can help you cover that distance quickly. There is room for both our races there. We call it the Roving.

The First Breed have only one nation: you have many. We therefore invite all interested parties with spacefaring capacity to tender for the joint development of this world. Together, as a partnership, our two races will go out into space, side by side as friends.

All interested parties will provide one (1) delegate authorised to represent their interests fully, and a spaceship capable of supporting its crew for at least one month to transport that delegate to the Roving. Consumable supplies will be renewable upon arrival. Each ship must have the minimum technical specifications noted in Appendix 2. The First Breed reserve the right to refuse entry into the delegation. Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Once accepted into the delegation, all delegates will be treated as equals.

The delegation ships will rendezvous at a place and date to be announced. A First Breed prideship will be responsible for escorting the delegation fleet to and from the Roving. We guarantee the safety of all humans in the fleet until they have returned to this system, and we take responsibility for their well-being for all the time that they are our guests. Each delegation ship will have a member of the First Breed appointed to it, to help liaise with the delegate and to accustom the ship’s crew to dealing with our species.

Upon arrival, delegates will have a chance to study the Roving at first hand, and will then attend a Convocation where they will state the case for their party to take charge of the human side of our alliance. Precise rules and a timetable for the Convocation are laid out in Appendix 3. Each case will be considered carefully and an alliance made with whoever most closely matches our own interests.

This is a chance for both our species to make a fresh start. We of the First Breed hope that you will take it.

For further information, instruct your aide to consult the Invitation Helpdesk at the First Breed Mission.

Verbatim Bald
First Breed residence, Manhattan
23 August 2148 CE

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