Humans (Complete Index)

Human characters in His Majesty’s Starship (HMSS) and The Xenocide Mission (TXM)

Key players:

  • Bakan, Rhukaya (TXM)
  • Coyne, Julia (HMSS)
  • Dereshev, Hannah (HMSS)
  • Gilmore, Joel (HMSS / TXM)
  • Gilmore, Michael (HMSS / TXM)
  • Kirton, Peter (HMSS)
  • Krishnamurthy, RV (HMSS)
  • Loonat, Samad (HMSS)
  • McCallum, Donna (TXM)
  • McLaughlin, Andrew (HMSS / TXM)
  • Nichol, Adrian (HMSS)
  • Perry, Bill (TXM)
  • Ranjitsinhji, Subhas (HMSS)
  • Windsor, James (HMSS / TXM)
  • Windsor, Richard (HMSS)

Supporting cast:

  • Cale, Sergeant: NCO, Able Platoon, A-Troop, King Richard’s Regiment of Royal Marines (TXM)
  • Chandwani, Manohar: secretary to the Prime Minister of the Confederation of South-East Asia. Progressive (HMSS)
  • Chase, John: captain in the Royal Space Fleet (HMSS) / First Admiral of the Commonwealth Navy (TXM)
  • Davis, Jason: First Officer, Enterprise (HMSS)
  • duPont, Valerie: delegate for the North American Federation (HMSS) / Co-Senior of the Commonwealth (TXM)
  • Dyer, Alison: Admiral of the Royal Space Fleet (HMSS)
  • Ganschow, Paul: delegate for the Starward Space Company (HMSS)
  • Gerasimov, Yuri: Third Officer, Nikolai(HMSS)
  • Jarnegan, Private: bloodthirsty grunt, Able Platoon, A-Troop, King Richard’s Regiment of Royal Marines (TXM)
  • Kruger, Eric: Captain, Bruxelles (HMSS)
  • Lahiri, Muna: software officer, Shivaji (HMSS)
  • Laventhal, Leonora: delegate for the European Union (HMSS)
  • Leroux, Alain: head of security, UK-1 (HMSS)
  • Makarenko, Gregor: delegate for the United Slavic Federation (HMSS)
  • Nguyen, Karen: Lieutenant aboard Commonwealth Navy vessel Pathfinder (TXM)
  • Ong, Ching-Cheh: Execuive Officer, Algol (HMSS)
  • Plantagenet: AI belonging to Prince James (HMSS)
  • Quinlan, Sergeant: NCO, Charlie Platoon, A-Troop, King Richard’s Regiment of Royal Marines (TXM)
  • Rajan, Major: major in the Confederation Defence Force (HMSS)
  • Rao, Brigadier: commander of Confederation ground forces on the Roving (HMSS)
  • Sorhindo, David: delegate for the World Administration (HMSS)
  • Soldner, Kristina: Executive Officer, Bruxelles (HMSS)

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