Occasional recipes: Farfalle with artichoke hearts and olives

You might think that much of our eating revolves around easy to make pasta-based recipes. And you might be correct, Mind you, I say might. Not every night. Not even every time I cook.

But in this case – well, yes.

But we’re not fussy. I mean, for this one we didn’t even use farfalle. We had rigatoni to use up. The ricotta is technically cheese, but doesn’t make it taste cheesy, and manages to make it feel creamy without actually being creamy too. Which is quite a feat. Just about all the preparation and cooking of the other ingredients can be done in the time it takes the pasta to cook; once it’s all done, spoon the pasta in so that you add a large dash of pasta water to the mix for that subtle background flavour, and leave it all to meld together while you have your G&T.