Occasional recipes: conchiglie with chickpeas

As promised last week, here is what you do with the other half of the jar of sun-dried tomatoes. And, now you’ve used the whole jar, you can use the marinating oil (topped with the fresh olive variety) to fry the onions and garlic to start with.

You also, as the eagle-eyed among you will note, don’t have to use conchiglie if you don’t have any. Just do get a kind that is vaguely enclosed and therefore retains bits of the sauce as you transport them to your mouth.

As before; cook the pasta and the sauce ingredients at the same time; don’t forget to spoon the pasta with liberal amounts of pasta water into the sauce; and leave them all to blend, bubbling and glooping gently, while you enjoy a preliminary G&T. Or two.

Occasional recipes: sun-dried tomato sauce and tagliatelle

I’ll be honest, most of my favourite pasta dishes you could probably just buy the non-pasta elements in a pre-made sauce, heat them up and mix them in with the pasta. But it’s more fun to chop them and fry them and at least pretend like you’re doing high cuisine.

Thus, this one. I pretty well go with what it says in the recipe. You can start cooking the pasta at the same time as you start cooking the ingredients; both will be ready at pretty much the same time. A personal taste touch is to spoon the pasta into the sauce (thus transferring random amounts of pasta sauce into the mix, always helpful for an extra delicacy to the flavour) and then leave them all to blend together while  you have your G&T.

This also uses only about half the contents of a standard jar of sun-dried tomatoes. What you do with the other half – well, that’s next week.