Occasional recipes: (venison)(pork)(veggie)(any) sausage and squash traybake

This was a treat for us as we accidentally came by some venison sausages, and we didn’t even have to catch our deer first. But frankly I see no reason why it shouldn’t work with any kind of sausage – or indeed, no sausages at all if that’s your fancy. Though something that is more rather than less strongly flavoured will work the best. You will end with a gorgeous, sticky mixture of multiple flavours and textures, all working together in perfect harmony and filling the kitchen with heavenly aromas.

The recipe is by Tamsin Burnett-Hall and can be found at https://www.sainsburysmagazine.co.uk/recipes/mains/venison-sausage-and-squash-traybake. For once I have very little to add or to alter, not even to correct the amount of garlic (which turns into a fantastic goo inside the skin and needs to be squeezed out, flavouring the whole dish) – except to say that where she mentions redcurrant jelly … Well, we didn’t have any redcurrant jelly. We did however have some sloe and apple jelly, which worked just as well.