Occasional recipes: conchiglioni pasta with creamy roasted tomato and garlic sauce

A thoroughly delish dish that is, as it says on the packet, very easy to make. You don’t even have to worry about a thing except remember to take things off or out of their pre-set heat at the right time. Then just mix them together.

If you whack the tomatoes and garlic into the oven, then start to worry about boiling the pasta, the pasta will be just about done at the end of the prescribed half hour in the oven. Simples.

See photos below for the instructions, but, as usual, some amendments …

They say I say
Serves 4 4 people on a diet, maybe; 3 people with normal appetites.
500g cherry tomatoes Only if you’re suffering a severe deficiency of whatever tomatoes have in them. A 300g pack from Tesco works just as well.
2 cloves garlic It is to laugh. Why not try homeopathy while you’re at it? Bung the garlic in until vampires are falling out of the sky.

And having mixed, let it sit for a while to mature and blend together while you enjoy that all-important G&T.