Brits in spa-a-a-ce …

After due consideration following my earlier post on the topic, I’ve decided I’m not going to sue Steven Moffat.

I’m going to let George Lucas do that instead, for pinching not one but two of the iconic Star Wars scenes and combining them. His lawyers are much more high powered and it will be far more entertaining.

But while it lasts, this guy is good. “The Beast Below” could have been so unbearably silly: in fact it was just enjoyably silly, and moving at the same time. The scene where the Doctor talks about not forgetting, in a gentle, kind, wise voice that politely chides Amy while also making it clear she has done a very silly thing – that could have come from any Patrick Troughton episode. Any other Doctor bar 2 and 11 would have just lectured, over-acted, postulated or otherwise just not done it so well.

Yep, this guy is good. And he’ll have to be even better to stop me yawning when guess-who glides back onto our screens next week … Which he probably will.