Deleting comments without an icon – a public service announcement

Friday’s whimsical little post about “While shepherds watched” got spammed in the comments by some fool plugging a URL for publicising my blog.

Normally I just delete such comments without a thought. (Why do they do it? Why?) It’s easy because if I’m logged in as myself then, when I view the comments, a little dustbin icon appears next to each one. This enables me to consign it to the Void, rightly forgotten and unmade. For some reason that wasn’t happening on this occasion: the icon was determinedly absent. Maybe the spammer had been busy and so the icon was running from blog to blog in an effort to catch up. So I left a plaintive message on the help forum, and the very next morning, there the solution was.

Needless to say, the very next morning the dustbin icon had finally arrived anyway, but I tried the forum method out of curiosity and it worked. So, for the benefit of search engines and frustrated users, to delete comments without the dustbin icon on Blogspot use the method shown at

You’re welcome.