Guess which of the following items of change are pushing us closer to the edges of our comfort zone?

  • Two sets of long-term neighbours, with whom we get on very well, are moving within a short space of each other.
  • A knock-on effect is that I am now Lord Holder of the Thing (see yesterday’s post).
  • This time next year Bonusbarn will have finished school, and there is a school of thought that holds he could be doing more to prepare for the event.
  • Terry Wogan is giving up his morning show on Radio 2.

I will admit that when Chris Evans took over from Johnnie Walker for evening drivetime, it was like swapping a comfy old slipper for a cold, wet plimsoll with yesterday’s sand still in it. Solution: wait and see if the first couple of songs are any good and if not then switch to Classic FM or play a tape. I’m sure Sir Tel’s legions of fans will find a similar way of adjusting. For crying out loud, people, the sun will still come up tomorrow. Promise.

There are two ways of dealing with a move away from the centre of your comfort zone: try and reverse time and move back to the centre, or redefine the edges of your comfort zone so that the centre comes to you without you moving. And that is how we will try and deal with the first two points.