Christmas 08

Some or all of these were highlights. You guess, or decide. In no particular order:

  • A big family meal at Frankies in Putney to celebrate a significant decade-changing birthday within the family.
  • Three-year-old niece spotting the bloke at the next table who played Prince Charming when she went to see Cinderella last week, and insisting on going up to him and saying hello. Probably our family’s only ever encounter with Gareth Gates.
  • Getting round the giant non-roundabout that is Hammersmith and successfully ending up driving down Fulham Palace Road.
  • A halfway decent Dr Who Christmas special. Though it would have had a struggle to top last year’s for sheer awfulness.
  • Through a miracle of logistics, (a) getting Bonusbarn onto the Oxford Tube this morning so he could come down to have lunch in London and (b) finding him at Victoria.
  • Meeting 7 week old nephew for the first time. Low on conversation, but I interpreted his drool onto my shoulder as love.

Happy rest of the year, everyone.