Minus, not Vimes. Plus, not Nobby

Your result for The Which Discworld Character Am I Test…

Captain Carrot

# You scored 90% on intelligence, higher than 65% of your peers.
# You scored 59% on morality, higher than 51% of your peers.
# You scored 78% on strength, higher than 90% of your peers.

You are an intriguing character. Good hearted, incredibly strong, and a headful of information that makes that Jeopardy guy look like a bar trivia hack. No one knows what to make of a six-foot tall dwarf who dates a werewolf, and may be the true heir to the throne of Ankh-Morpork. But you can make everyone get along, and are a born leader.

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[Ben’s note: can I just point out that whoever devised this test spells “Captain” “Captian”. I couldn’t really let that go uncorrected.]

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