Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow but only after Saturday please

When it hails so hard you can hear it over the headphones, you know it’s hailing with attitude. Checked the BBC web site for weather and saw that no snow is forecast — forgot to check for hail. The reason it’s all of such interest is I’m taking a group of teenagers paintballing in Banbury on Saturday, which is great fun but a notoriouslyoutdoor¬†sport.

I have my old leather jacket, which is both warm and as kevlar where paintballs are concerned. Found a drawback to this at the last paintballing session in July, when I got so warm my visor steamed up and even the good old scuba trick — gob in it — didn’t work. Only solution was to remove jacket and expose my delicate torso to the possibility of bruising. Fortunately everyone else was fogging up too, so if you got hit it was just bad luck more than malice. But looking at the forecasts, I don’t see overheating being a problem this time.

Still, after Saturday I have no outdoor pursuits planned other than the usual this side of Christmas. So if the snow can just hold off for 48 hours, that would be great. Actually, if it can make 49 hours, that should cover the return trip too.