I bet he’s never even been to Liverpool

Apparently the new line-up for “Help, My Career’s at a Dead End and I have Insufficient Native Talent to Resurrect It” has been announced. Annoyingly, I’ve actually heard of some of the people and even have to admit some of them┬ámay┬áhave a smidgin of native talent etc. Unlike most if not all previous contestants — the ones I’ve heard of, anyway — it might actually be quite interesting to talk to some of them. Jimmy Osmond, world’s most famous teeny Mormon? I’m sure we could chat for hours.

Still no intention of watching the show, though. The embargo continues on anything with “Celebrity” in the title, at least until we get Celebrity Execution, Celebrity Autopsy and Celebrity Stargate: SG-1.

The English language badly needs a word that means what Celebrity used to.