The Teen, The Witch & The Thief

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The First Ted Gorse Adventure

“And then those unsympathetic eyes settled on Ted. The mouth quirked slightly in what might have been a small smile and she started to walk towards him. She walked right through a small family of dad, mum and small kid in pushchair, and neither she nor they seemed to notice.”

On Ted’s first day at work he sees an apparition in Salisbury’s Old George Mall. This is not a good start. The job is meant to keep him out of trouble …

His parents have left him in charge of home and the cat for a week. His brother has been catatonic in the hospice for the last four years and he has a final warning from the police hanging over his head. Ted just wants to keep his head down, get a girlfriend, be a good human being, and become a software millionaire, not necessarily in that order.

The Thief and the Witch, who wield forces that have shaped his life since before he was born, have other ideas. For them, Ted is the key to destroying the world, or to saving it.

Set in Salisbury, the Ted Gorse Adventures are for fans of contemporary fantasy from young adult onwards. The series continues with The Comeback of the King.


“An exciting and funny magical story, heads above most of the competition!”
– Liz Williams


“These books would be a good introduction to modern fantasy for young computer enthusiasts and are a fun read for anybody.”
– Vector [read full review]