The Comeback of the King

The Comeback of the King coverBuy The Comeback of the King:

The Second Ted Gorse Adventure

“The King wants Ted Gorse.”

It is the week before Christmas, and Ted’s life is back on course after the events of the summer. Personal loss, the brief ability to command world-destroying magical powers, and a showdown with the mad magician who had shaped his life are behind him. And then the King appears in Salisbury.

Who is the King? No one seems to know, but he rules the city, and the city is happy to be ruled. Even Ted’s nearest and dearest are under his spell. It seems the only person able to disobey him is Ted himself.

The King wants Ted, and he doesn’t wish him well.

Set in Salisbury, the Ted Gorse Adventures are for fans of contemporary fantasy from young adult onwards. The series began with The Teen, The Witch & The Thief.

Extra feature: The Comeback of the King includes a free short story showing Ted’s first appearance in print.


“An exciting and funny magical story, heads above most of the competition!”
– Liz Williams on The Teen, The Witch & The Thief


“These books would be a good introduction to modern fantasy for young computer enthusiasts and are a fun read for anybody.”
– Vector [read full review]