The College

The College of Advanced Manipulation of Probability and Chronotic Transference grew up around the original site of Jean Morbern’s time travel experiments in Antarctica, though the precise site of those experiments has been lost except to a few. Its purpose was to safeguard Morbern’s Code and to make sure that Morbern’s vision of the future came to pass.
In the four centuries since its foundation, the College has grown into an institution in itself. Though it is rarely thought of in such terms, it is without doubt the most precious asset that the world of the Home Time has to offer. Its Field Ops bring back information from earlier terms that is transformed into the entertainment media that keep the Home Time’s billions happy. The one thing the College does not do is research into time travel: Morbern had no intention of letting anyone else find out how to do what he had done.

The College is divided into three sections: Fieldwork, Social Studies, and Correspondents. Each is run by a Commissioner (a patrician, naturally), and each regards their work as the most important part of the College’s activities.

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