The Delegation Fleet

It is a condition of the invitation that every nation represented provides a ship to carry its delegate. Quite a fleet leaves Earth for the Roving.

Not all the ships in the fleet are mentioned. Most prominent are the Ark Royal belonging to the UK and Shivaji belonging to the Confederation of South-East Asia, but we can assume that every nation of Earth is represented. But amongst the other ships are:

  • Algol, Starward Space Company
  • Adonai, Israel in Exile
  • Bruxelles, European Union
  • Christopher, Vatican (tender: Loyola)
  • Enterprise, North American Federation
  • Excalibur, The Galactic Corporation
  • Great Zimbabwe, Southern African Alliance
  • Long March, Northern Chinese Republic
  • Nikolai, United Slavic Federation
  • Pacifica, Pacific Consortium
  • Simon Bolivar, South American Combine
  • U Thant, World Administration

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